Lowpass Filter
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Lowpass Filter

?  Cavity strucutre , Low VSWR and High Isolation

?  Excellent Environmental Performances

?  Improves dynamic range , Mitigates out of band signals

?  Customized specifications and outlines

Part  Number Passband Frequency  Insertion Loss  Rejection  VSWR
CLF00000M01000A01 DC-1.00GHz 1.5dB 50dB @1.16-3.5GHz 1.7
CLF00000M01190A01 DC-1.19GHz 1.5dB 50dB @1.4-3.5GHz 1.7
CLF00000M01800A01 DC-1.80GHz 1.5dB 50dB @2.3-5GHz 1.7
CLF00000M02000A01 DC-2.00GHz 1.5dB 50dB @2.5-6GHz 1.7
CLF00000M02500A01 DC-2.50GHz 1.5dB 50dB @3-7GHz 1.7
CLF00000M03000A01 DC-3.00GHz 1.5dB 50dB @4-8GHz 1.7
CLF00000M04000A01 DC-4.00GHz 1.5dB 50dB @4.8-10GHz 1.7
CLF00000M05000A01 DC-5.00GHz 1.5dB 50dB @6-12GHz 1.7
CLF00000M06000A01 DC-6.00GHz 1.5dB 50dB @7-14GHz 1.7
CLF00000M07000A01 DC-7.00GHz 1.5dB 50dB @8.2-16GHz 1.7
CLF00000M08000A01 DC-8.00GHz 1.5dB 50dB @9.6-18GHz 1.7
CLF00000M09000A01 DC-9.00GHz 1.5dB 50dB @11-18GHz 1.7
CLF00000M10000A01 DC-10.00GHz 1.5dB 50dB @12-18GHz 1.7
CLF00000M11000A01 DC-11.00GHz 1.5dB 50dB @13-18GHz 1.7
CLF00000M12000A01 DC-12.00GHz 1.5dB 50dB @14-20GHz 1.7
CLF00000M13000A01 DC-13.00GHz 1.5dB 50dB @15-20GHz 1.7
CLF00000M15000A01 DC-15.00GHz 1.5dB 50dB @18-22 GHz 1.7

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