Applications of 5G technology
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Applications of 5G technology

5G technology will power wide range of future industries from retail to education, transportation to entertainment and smart homes to healthcare. It will make mobile more essential than it is today. What are the applications of 5G technology?

Researchers predict the global, social and economic impact of 5G, which will benefit entire economies and society. It is expected to produce trillions of worth revenue in coming years.

1. High-speed mobile network

2. Entertainment and multimedia

3. Internet of Things – Connecting everything

3.1 Smart Home

3.2 Logistics and shipping

3.3 Smart cities

3.4 Industrial IoT

3.5 Smart farming

3.6 Fleet management

3.7 Healthcare and mission critical applications

3.8 Autonomous Driving

3.9 Drone Operation

3.10 Security and surveillance

5G wireless technology is one the best solution for security and surveillance due to higher bandwidth and unlicensed spectrum.


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